This article was originally published on  March 29, 2022 by Las Vegas Inquirer


 Undrea Smith 

Reports have consistently shown that the majority of Americans don’t have retirement savings and income plans in place. In one recent survey about American behavior towards retirement plans, about 58% say they don’t think such things. Digging deeper into the survey, analysts observed that the percentage rises to 70% as the respondents’ age moves further from the expected retirement date. Furthermore, the survey shows an overreliance on Social Security to meet their retirement needs when the time comes. About 93% of respondents who have at least 15 years before retirement put all confidence in Social Security.

Many would argue that insufficient or limited income is the primary reason for this planning gap. However, among those with higher incomes, reaching more than $100,000 per annum, 43% don’t have a formal retirement plan.

The alarming statistics and figures only stress the importance of working with financial service consulting firms to plan out retirement properly. It makes sense to go for firms backed by multinational investment management companies, but for some people, it’s more reasonable to go for independent consulting firms like East Valley Retirement.

Unlike other firms whose loyalty is to its parent company, East Valley Retirement’s independence allows it to focus solely on providing holistic services and retirement planning to the community, giving the firm freedom to conduct client-centered approaches. The firm’s management is adamant about staying independent and keeping its transparency and steady commitment to its clients’ best interests. It has already declined multiple offers from major investment firms.

Because East Valley Retirement is both a registered investment advisor and an independent insurance brokerage, it can work with different brokerage firms and insurance providers to provide a customized portfolio for its clients. This allows the firm to develop unique needs-based solutions and thrive despite the diversity in client demands and goals.

CEO and Founder Undrea Smith leads his team with a vision and a purpose of providing peace of mind to all their clients. Having worked closely with clients they’ve lost along the way, the knowledge that their work ensures families who are left behind are protected financially keeps the team moving. Under Smith’s leadership, East Valley Retirement has trademarked its proprietary process called “Peace of Mind,” which custom tailor the plans to address the five key risk areas in retirement–income planning, tax planning, investment management, health and long term care, and estate and legacy planning.

Since its launch in 2011, the firm has serviced hundreds of clients, and it’s pegged to serve hundreds more this 2022. Smith hopes to see East Valley Retirement become Arizona’s premier wealth management firm specializing in retirement planning, and with its unique and tailored solutions, the firm is on its way to achieving this goal.


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