Amber’s journey in the financial services sector is deeply rooted, having been surrounded by entrepreneurial spirits throughout her life. As the eldest of seven siblings, she’s carried a sense of responsibility and an unwavering desire to help others chart their unique paths to success.

Professional Journey
With over a decade of industry experience, Amber is a thriving business owner specializing in disability, life, and extended care planning. Her primary focus revolves around collaborating with medical professionals and business owners. Over the last five years, she’s expanded her business horizons, even venturing into the world of video podcasting to provide financial guidance through both digital and in-person platforms. She’s now a sought-after speaker at conferences, sharing insights on achieving Financial Freedom and innovating in the digital age.

Passion for Helping Families
Amber’s passion comes from seeing firsthand how families handle unforeseen hardship, as her family suffered a tragedy back in 1990.

Amber’s life’s mission is to ensure that others are well-prepared to face the unexpected, empowering them to manage life’s trials with strength and determination.

Leadership Role with WIFS and NAIFA
On November 1, 2023, Amber Stitt stepped into the role of President for the Phoenix Chapter of Women in Insurance and Financial Services (WIFS). Her enthusiasm for legislative involvement is tireless, and she looks forward to both continuing her personal engagement and motivating her colleagues to join her in this vital endeavor.

In her role as a Financial Security Advocate of NAIFA, Amber is determined to continue supporting NAIFA’s message of collaboration and industry transformation. She’s actively working with Adam Roth, the current President of NAIFA Arizona, to make this vision a reality along with National NAIFA. She and Adam have already spoken with schools about financial literacy together through the JA program and will continue to support this effort.

Commitment to Making an Impact
Equipped with her unique “Pathways of Peak Performance,” a five-step framework that she teaches on her podcast, she’s set to embark on an extraordinary journey to provide leadership within her community and other chapters across the nation.

Philanthropic Endeavors
Amber’s dedication also extends to additional philanthropic efforts. She volunteers her time with Junior Achievement and supports Live and Learn, an Arizona-based organization dedicated to breaking the cycle of generational poverty. Through these endeavors, she actively promotes financial literacy and advocates for the next generation of children and advisors, as well as those navigating transitions in their professional lives.

Amber also plays a supporting role on a task force with the American College, focusing on creating effective pathways for individuals entering the industry or navigating career transitions.

Life Beyond Work
Amber and her family seize every opportunity to travel to warmer destinations.