Life Underwriter’s Resource Network
(Arizona Residents Only)

Public Service and Referral Program for Medicare Beneficiaries
Service Available Statewide call 1-800-479-5876
Please contact Harry Markham at (480) 951-1014

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LURN is a Public Service and Referral Program that…

Offers Senior Citizens statewide free information on Medicare, Medicare supplements, Home Health Care and Long Term Care Insurance, and…

Refers Medicare recipients with more specific questions to specially selected LURN agents, qualified to help you make informed decisions.

Medicare enrollees need to make prompt decisions about choosing Supplementary Health Insurance, a difficult confusing task, they need to know…

• What benefits Medicare provides.
• What benefits Medicare does not provide.
• How much additional health insurance they may need.

LURN provides you with free general information to help you answer these questions…

Upon your further interest, we may refer you to selected LURN members who have met strict eligibility requirements. They are well qualified to address your specific concerns such as…

• Is my present coverage enough?
• Is my present coverage too much?
• Should I change or replace my present coverage?
• What is the most suitable and affordable coverage for me?

If you choose the LURN referral service, we may ask your opinion on the service you received.

LURN is sponsored and administered by the

P. O. Box 4728
Scottsdale, Arizona 85261
Voice: (602) 661-6393
Fax: (602) 661-6743